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2023 Educator Priorities

Every year, NEA-NM surveys its members to understand what is most important to them. Then we take that information and use it to advocate for those identified issues to the New Mexico Legislature to make sure you have the resources you need to succeed.
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Legislative Priorities:

2023 Legislative Priorities!

2023 Legislative Member survey

Find out how educators are speaking up and advocating for these issues, and more!


  • Increase the public school budget to cover all health care premium costs for educators
  • Legislate a funding source to ensure the long-term solvency of the New Mexico Retiree Health Care Authority

Planning Time

  • Guarantee educators adequate paid time to plan lessons, work collaboratively to improve professional practice, and assess and meet the needs of students and families.

Community Schools 

  • Fully fund a statewide rollout of the Community Schools strategy for all high-poverty schools.
  • Support Community Schools with much-needed technical assistance and professional development.

Class Size & Staffing 

  • Restore funding for sufficient staff, including highly qualified teachers and support service professionals.
  • Statutorily prohibit blanket class size waivers and obfuscatory class size averaging loopholes.

Early Childhood Education 

  • Approve the constitutional amendment providing for additional annual distributions of the permanent school fund for underfunded early childhood education programs and K-12.

NEA-NM Local Union Affiliates Make Important Gains at the Bargaining Table Across the State

From Santa Fe to Bernalillo to Deming to Carlsbad, and across the state, Local wins at the table, cemented in union contracts, mean

improved working conditions for educators and learning conditions for students.

Having a voice at the bargaining table is critical to building strong unions. Collective bargaining is the formal process where educators sit as equals with District Administrators to negotiate over working conditions prioritized by our colleagues, such as wage, benefits, and non-economic like health and safety protocols.

Congratulations to members across the state who made these wins possible, and we invite potential members to join us to continue building strong unions! While the majority of local affiliates are currently in negotiations with districts, view some highlights from wins at the table below.


  • Level 1 60K, Level 2 65K, Level 3 75K for a 183-day contract. 

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2022 Legislature

These are our wins. You told us, we delivered! 

  • A 7% pay raise for all public school educators
  • Increased Statewide Teacher Licensure levels to $50,000 for Level One, $60,000 for Level Two, and, $70,000 for Level Three
  • $15 minimum wage for all public school educators
  • An unprecedented $3.8 billion in funding for public education  
  • Defeated mandatory K-5 Plus and Extended Learning Program

Download a detailed flier of our 2022 legislative wins!

View our Legislative Updates