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NEA-NM Education Justice Fellowship

NEA-NM's Center for Community Schools, with the support of NEA National’s Center for Great Public Schools, launched the Education Justice Fellowship in 2021 to raise awareness around education justice issues and build the capacity of New Mexico educators to take action in support of the schools all our students deserve.
Education Justice Fellowship

The Education Justice Fellowship seeks to educate, energize, and empower education professionals from across New Mexico around racial and social justice issues in education through a year-long fellowship that includes collaboration with union and community thought leaders, peer-to-peer mentoring and collaboration, and an "incubator" environment in which fellows develop and realize an 'education justice project' in their school or community. 15 fellows graduated from Cohort One of the Fellowship in December 2021 and Cohort Two is currently underway with 16 fellows. Applications for Cohort Three of the Education Justice Fellowship are now open!

23-24 Application

If you have any questions about the Education Justice Fellowship, please email [email protected]

Cohort 2 Syllabus

Cohort 2 Fellows:

  1. Abril Perea
  2. Nathan Wood
  3. Martha Nogal
  4. Amy Reyes Garcia
  5. Kenneth Flores
  6. Melanie Hallbeck
  7. Mich Sandoval
  8. Courtney Degler
  9. Georjina Nogal
  10. Danielle Jim
  11. Alice Boughan
  12. Karen Cerequas
  13. Shirlee Cole
  14. Julian Monjaras
  15. Blanca Adriana Ontiveros
  16. Jennifer Warren

Cohort 1 Fellows:

  1. Camellia Termini
  2. Carol Schrader
  3. Henry Jasso*
  4. Kari Deswood 
  5. Susana Rios*
  6. Mercedes Avila
  7. Michele Franklin-Hill
  8. Carlos Avila*
  9. Cameron Michael Sandoval
  10. Jamie Torres
  11. Nicole Wayne 
  12. Teresa Chavez
  13. Autem Moya
  14. Denise Taylor
  15. Helen West