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Our Mission

NEA-NM actively advocates to implement and maintain the best possible learning conditions for children and working conditions for teachers and other school employees. We have championed this effort for more than one hundred years.

Our Mission

NEA-NM and its affiliates will be the recognized advocate for students, public education, and public education employees in New Mexico.

Our Strategic Objectives

Everything NEA-NM, its affiliates, and its members do is to further our work towards the following eight strategic objectives. 

1) Assure equity and excellence in education by leading the movement to provide the best possible learning opportunities for every student. 

2) Maintain vital investments in public education so that every student in New Mexico has access to a Great Public School and an equitable public education experience. 

3) Inspire professional excellence among education employees and assure an education workforce of the highest quality by maintaining culturally sensitive, valid, and performance based standards for preparation, licensure, and employment. 

4) Protect, improve, and expand the rights and influence of education employees, and gain greater personal and contractual security, through advocacy processes like exclusive recognition, collective bargaining, political action, and litigation. 

5) Promote a positive public image of and self-esteem among education employees to secure a commitment to the intrinsic value of public education. 

6) Empower education employees through strong local affiliates; visionary, responsive leadership; and inclusionary practices. Use those tools to increase membership and the personal commitment and involvement of members. 

7) Promote and defend human and civil rights by working independently and collaboratively to eliminate all forms of discrimination and attain equitable treatment for all people. 

8) Support the systems and services that provide the basic framework described in the Strategic Budget in order to achieve our strategic plan.