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NEA-NM 2024 State Elections

Voting is now closed. Congratulations to all who were elected!

Final Results Certified by the Board of Directors.

NEA Director for New Mexico and delegate to the NEA RA, three-year term commencing September 1, 2024

Elected Jim Maes, Las Cruces — 56%

Denise Sheehan, Las Cruces — 44%

NEA Alternate Director for New Mexico and delegate to the NEA RA, three-year term commencing September 1, 2024

Elected Tammie Johnson (Yazzie), Central Consolidated — 62%

Melanie Hallbeck, Alamogordo — 38%

Northeast/North Central Region Member of the NEA-NM Board of Directors, three-year term commencing July 15, 2024

Elected Kate MacDermott, Santa Fe — 56%

Sue Holland, Raton — 44%

Northeast/North Central Region Member of the Education Political Action Committee, three-year term commencing July 15, 2024

Elected Kate MacDermott, Santa Fe — 54%

Aimee Feldman, Raton — 46%

State Delegate to the 2024 NEA Representative Assembly (12 Delegates)


Tammie Johnson (Yazzie), Central Consolidated 


Lucille Martinez-Holguin, Espanola 


Christine Trujillo, Las Cruces 


Dr. Cheryl Ford, Santa Fe 


Mary Daniel-Montoya, Las Cruces 


Charity Cheung, Deming 


Julie Wojtko, Las Cruces 


Michael Campbell, Las Vegas West 


Stephanie Gutierrez, Belen 


Diana Jackson, Alamogordo 


Kate MacDermott, Santa Fe 


Cherlynn Lee, Central Consolidated 

Alternate 1

Tena Joslin, Farmington 

Alternate 2

Julian Monjares, Deming 

Alternate 3

Jamie Torres, Santa Fe 

Alternate 4

Abril Perea, Deming 

Alternate 5

Autem Moya, Santa Fe 

Alternate 6

Audra Nguyen, Roswell 

Alternate 7

Georjina Nogal, Deming 

Alternate 8

Martha Nogal, Deming 

Alternate 9

Jim Maes, Las Cruces

Alternate 10

Brandy Snyder, Las Cruces

Alternate 11

Shannan Facka, Central Consolidated

Alternate 12

Maria Esther Smith, Las Cruces

Alternate 13

Dan Hicks, Roswell

Alternate 14

Rachel Koch, Alamogordo

Alternate 15

Ravi Jujurri, Deming

Alternate 16

Erika Martinez, Las Cruces

Alternate 17

Dewayne Mosley, Las Cruces

Alternate 18

Mary Ann Briody, Farmington

Alternate 19

Rick Pacini, Las Cruces

Alternate 20

Ester Perez, Las Cruces

Alternate 21

Alyssa Tovar, Las Cruces

Alternate 22

Manuel Vazquez, Las Cruces

Alternate 23

Melissa Cardona, Las Cruces

Alternate 24

Jennifer Trujillo, Bernalillo

Alternate 25

Melissa Otto, Carlsbad

Alternate 26

Jessica Sanders, Rio Rancho

Alternate 27

Erika Melendez, Las Cruces

Alternate 28

Billy Hoover, Roswell

Alternate 29

Damian Armijo, Carlsbad

Alternate 30

Melissa Nakai, Central Consolidated

Alternate 31

Lisa Weimbaum, Las Cruces

Alternate 32

Estina Spencer, Farmington

Alternate 33

Gerald Williams, San Juan College

Alternate 34

Tammy Smelker, Las Cruces

Alternate 35

David Luera, Las Cruces

Alternate 36

Joshua Wisner, Las Cruces

Alternate 37

John Morrison, Santa Fe

State Category Two Delegate to the 2024 NEA RA (1 Delegate)

Elected Rosemary Carrasco, Carlsbad

Alternate 1 Dr. Roberto Lozano, Las Cruces

Cluster Delegate to the 2024 NEA RA- All active nonsupervisory members in locals of 75 or fewer members are eligible (5 Delegates)

Elected Sue Holland, Raton

Elected Aimee Feldman, Raton

Elected Jennifer Vialpando, Questa

Elected Wendy Leighton, Monte del Sol

Elected Jolene Martin, Pojoaque

Alternate 1 Kris Kraly, San Juan College

Alternate 2 Denise Trujillo, Maxwell

NEA-NM Retired Member Ballot

Retired Delegate to the 2024 NEA RA (2 Delegates)

Elected Eduardo Holguin

Elected Eloy Gonzales

Alternate 1 Rosalinda Carreón-Altamirano

Alternate 2 Debra Shoonover

Alternate 3 Pandora Van Auken

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