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Building a Better NMSU Community

As college-track, tenured and tenure-track faculty with shared concerns we are joining together to advocate for workplace improvements.

Together We're Stronger

By acting collectively, we can promote transparency and equity in workplace decisions such as salaries, benefits and teaching loads, workplace safety and grievance procedures that provide legally binding protections for workers and accountability for administrators. Together we can take steps to create an environment that better reflects the values we bring to our HSI, MSI, Land-Grant institution.  

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About NEA

Higher Ed faculty members of NEA are united in providing a high-quality higher education, so that every student can attain their dreams. We represent all roles necessary to provide a rich, equitable education, from administrators to adjunct faculty, counselors to program coordinators. 

We work at community and technical colleges, private and public colleges and universities, and minority-serving institutions such as historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and Hispanic-serving institutions (HSIs). We fight for access and affordability, fair pay and the workplace conditions that support student learning, including academic freedom, tenure, racial and social justice, and more. 

Join us in advocating for public higher education on the federal level, and also explore our library of professional development guides for higher educators. You can visit to explore the many ways faculty are working together.  

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Our Vision

We democratically strive to empower all faculty at New Mexico State University, and thereby advance the four missions of the land-grant university: teaching, research, service, and outreach.    

Our goals are:

Promoting and maintaining the standards, ideals, and unity of the NMSU faculty;
Addressing the economic security of faculty through compensation, benefits, workloads, workplace protections and grievance procedures arrived at via collective bargaining agreements;
Fostering academic freedom, open inquiry, free speech, and collaboration;
Ensuring due process;
Protecting shared university governance and emphasizing accountability and transparency in decision-making;
Creating a fairer and more equitable workplace and learning environment;
Enhancing student learning by recruiting and retaining excellent faculty whose diversity reflects the goals of a Hispanic-Serving Institution;
Promoting racial equality, social justice, and environmental sustainability by challenging systems of oppression and inequity;
Promoting research and creative activity by advocating for funding for the NMSU Library and other crucial resources and shared infrastructure.

Through a united commitment to workplace fairness and protections, we can deliver a high-quality education and safeguard the promise of New Mexico’s public university.

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NEA-NM President Mary Parr Sanchez
This first contract is the latest in a series of important inroads by faculty and graduate students across the state that have formed their respective unions for respect and a seat at the table of decision making to strengthen education for all of New Mexico’s students.
Quote by: Mary Parr-Sanchez, NEA-NM State President on SJCEA's first contract