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Student success is at the heart of all we do. The Education Political Action Committee (EdPAC) supports political activity that helps elect public education champions up and down the ballot to move policy in a positive direction for our members and the students we serve.
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How is EdPAC funded?

Through voluntary contributions from members provided by direct giving and also in the same manner as dues are collected. This process is described in bylaw 8.4.

NEA-NM members can make additional contributions to increase our ability to elect public education champions and influence policy by completing the EdPAC donation form.

Individuals who wish to decline personal financial support of our student-focused political action program can do so by filling out and submitting this form.

EdPAC candidate endorsement process

NEA-NM members of the EdPAC interview, examine questionnaires, and examine voting records (if applicable) of all candidates for legislative, statewide, and federal office. 

The criteria used to evaluate candidates is nonpartisan and comes from the legislative program and resolutions approved by the NEA-NM Delegate Council. Generally, candidates must ‘measure up’ by demonstrating a commitment to: 

  • Strengthening public education
  • Ensuring children’s health and safety
  • Maximizing student learning; and
  • Respecting school employees.

Candidates are recommended for endorsement by EdPAC to the NEA-NM membership. The NEA-NM Board of Directors makes final recommendations on statewide candidates and makes recommendations to the NEA Fund for Children and Public Education for federal candidates. 

How are EdPAC committee members selected? 

The process is member driven. All participants are elected by vote of the general membership and represent all regions of New Mexico proportionate to their membership in the Association. 

Current members and their contact information are listed below

Mary Parr-Sanchez, Chair/President
[email protected]

Bethany Jarrell, Vice President
[email protected]

Gail Wheeler
[email protected]

Noelle Murillo
[email protected]

Katrina Bustillos
[email protected]

Shannon Facka
[email protected]

Rosalinda Carreon-Altamirano
[email protected]

Jonathan Martinez
[email protected]

Sandra Goldberg
[email protected]

Rebecca Gale
[email protected]

Mary Lou Cameron
[email protected]

Kate MacDermott
[email protected]

Yazmine Izquierdo
[email protected]

Denise Dawson
[email protected]

Steve Sianez, UniServ Director/Gov Relations
[email protected]

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