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Professional Growth

Resources and growth opportunities for every education professional, in any setting, at any stage in their careers.

NEA-NM wants to help every member grow in their profession, and to feel confident about making education their career. We have resources that can help you achieve many of the professional goals you may have. And if you notice something is missing reach out and tell us what you need.

Teacher Professional Growth

Professional learning throughout an educator’s career is essential to achieving great public schools. Find resources and strategies to support professional learning.

ESP/Classified Professional Growth

Education Support Professionals/Classified want and deserve high-quality professional learning and support at every stage of their careers. It’s crucial to ensuring a great public education for every student.

Higher Ed Professional Growth

NEA has partnered with the Professional and Organizational Development (POD) Network to provide teachings for faculty since 1999.

Help others grow

Have you created training materials or tools to help others in your profession grow? Contribute to NEA’s resource bank of professional training here.

Obtain Micro-Credentials

A micro-credential is a short, competency-based recognition. NEA offers more than 175 micro-credentials created by educators, for educators, to make it easier for everyone in the education profession to access professional learning opportunities throughout their careers.

Teacher Licensure

Before becoming a teacher-of-record, teacher candidates must demonstrate the skills and knowledge needed for effective classroom practice. Licensure provides the professional and public assurance that educators have met state teaching standards and have demonstrated their readiness to teach and improve student learning.